Sunday, January 18, 2009

More nice things...

I have a really nice mother in law. Wives out there know what a big statement that is. When I call my mother in law, we can easily be on the phone for an hour. It is just so much easier to talk to her than my mom. Why? Probably because we don't have the mother/daughter baggage. I'm grateful to be able to have a good relationship with her. When I spoke to my in-laws this week, they asked about what was going on with my hit and run. I told them what had transpired and explained about my concerns, etc. They sent me a letter this week. At first I thought it may be a card. You know the kind, Hang in there, we love you. But as I looked at the legal sized envelope my mind thought, no they didn't. But they did. They sent us a check to help pay for the deductible. I just couldn't believe it. My parents in law wanted us to have one less thing to worry about. How do you thank someone for that kind of generosity and thoughtfulness? I called my mom in law yesterday and I tried my best to thank her. I told her what a loving gesture it was and how much I appreciated her.

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