Friday, January 30, 2009


*Cute Giveaway @ De\

I've been meaning to post pictures of the Raggedys I made years ago. It was my first project. I learned how to hand stitch and later how to use a sewing machine. The cutie above is being offered in a giveaway.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yiayia is sick

Yiayia is in the hospital. My mother called this morning to tell me. My yiaya has been in and out of the nursing home or the hospital for nearly a year. She fell and broke her hip last year trying to get out of bed. She went to the rehabilitation/nursing home after that. I think that her Dr. thought with the proper care her hip would heal, but she finally had to have surgery last fall. When I saw her after that surgery, she looked as though she was barely herself. I don't know if the medication was the culprit. I feared that I was seeing early signs of dementia. It broke my heart to see her in that condition. I need to see her today. This new year has really been pretty sour so far.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a unique video...

I visited Andrew Sullivan's site and saw this video. No, I'm not a British (Irish decent), Gay, Catholic, Republican Conservative man. He calls himself a Libertarian Conservative. I've seen him on Real Time with Bill Maher. He is an interesting fellow who can keep up with Bill Maher. I don't agree with his politics, but he had an interesting article on President Obama.

Her morning elegance by Oren Lavie. Pure charm:

Does Shoveling Snow Count as Exercise?

I have been the official snow shoveler this season. David lost his wedding ring in the snow last winter. He searched in the evening's bitter cold and couldn't find it. He even bought a metal detector thinking that would work. But it didn't. He was distraught when he realized it was really lost. Dave missed the feeling of the ring on his finger. He broke down and bought a new band 2 weeks later.
I wasn't pleased. I had asked him to wait. I had the notion that the ring would be found once the snow melted. When the big thaw started, I knew it was time to find the ring. I paced up and down our front walk looking for the ring. I walked with my head bent down, straining to see the ring. I was getting discouraged at this point. As I walked to the other end of our property line, I saw this round shape in the melted snow. I have a butterfly garden on one end of our front lawn. Somehow the ring had landed in the garden. The ring was recovered and the stand-in ring was exchanged for a reward for moi.
This is one reason that I have been on snow detail. I'd rather not have a repeat of last year. The other is that I have been a work widow. Of course all that may change soon. So I have been shoveling snow this winter. I've also been shoveling my neighbor's walk when they haven't. They just had premie twins so I've been trying to help. Some of my other neighbors actually pay to have landscapers come and clean their sidewalks. I guess I'm the only crazy mom doing any shoveling on my street. Can I count this as exercise?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Medication for everyone

This has been a busy week. Christopher received 5 shots on immunization day. I opted for the HepA. He also need another flu shot. Christopher went through his checkup like a champ. I was concerned that he would be in pain or get a fever, but neither happened. So the baby was fine which meant that my other 3 would trade getting sick. Sophia started with the sore throat and cough. She passed it on to Alex who continued with the cough but added throwing up first in the car ride home from Yiayia's and then in his bed. Then Alex traded the cough to Zoe and me. What fun!
I finally bit the bullet and went to see the DR. I haven't been feeling like myself for a while. I had taken Wellbutrin for anxiety for a little while last year. I thought I was doing better so I stopped taking it. I've had a few panic attacks since my hit and run. This coupled with constant fatigue signaled that it was time for a DR visit. I have some experience with depression and I was exhibiting some of the symptoms. Like many new moms I experienced postpartum depression. Sadly, I wasn't treated. I tried to explain to my OB about what I was feeling, but she said I just had the baby blues. I don't think doctors were very aware of these issues 10 years ago. So my postpartum turned into clinical depression when I finally sought help 9 months after my daughter was born. I'll save that story for another time.
I have to go back on the Wellbutrin at a higher dose. Hopefully this will help. On a good note, I've lost 7 lbs. since my last DR. visit. It's not much but at least it's a start.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Immunization Day

Christopher turned 15 months and that means it's time for more shots. I should be used to this by now but I'm not. We have to visit the pediatrician and I'm dreading it. I usually go with all the kids in tow because the Dr. is only a few blocks away. I think that I'll have to drop Zoe and Alex off at Yiayia's (Greek for Grandma). CJ is supposed to get 4 shots. He is going to need my undivided attention. Alex has been asking to visit Yiayia for a while now, so this will be good for him.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More nice things...

I have a really nice mother in law. Wives out there know what a big statement that is. When I call my mother in law, we can easily be on the phone for an hour. It is just so much easier to talk to her than my mom. Why? Probably because we don't have the mother/daughter baggage. I'm grateful to be able to have a good relationship with her. When I spoke to my in-laws this week, they asked about what was going on with my hit and run. I told them what had transpired and explained about my concerns, etc. They sent me a letter this week. At first I thought it may be a card. You know the kind, Hang in there, we love you. But as I looked at the legal sized envelope my mind thought, no they didn't. But they did. They sent us a check to help pay for the deductible. I just couldn't believe it. My parents in law wanted us to have one less thing to worry about. How do you thank someone for that kind of generosity and thoughtfulness? I called my mom in law yesterday and I tried my best to thank her. I told her what a loving gesture it was and how much I appreciated her.

Martha Stewart Contest

I entered a Martha Stewart contest. I'm not the type to do this but I thought I would give it try. The winner will get a sewing machine. My Singer is 20 years and reliable, but I thought it was time to upgrade. I submitted a photo of my daughter Zoe's christening outfit. It was challenging but it turned out lovely. Zoe was so precious on her big day. The outfit was the first piece of clothing that I made. The ensemble consists of an under dress/slip, the christening dress and a bonnet. I was able to incorporate a few french seams in the garments. The dress was hand-beaded with tiny pearls on the collar. The bonnet is lined and embellished with little pearls. It was a difficult project for a novice but I am happy with the results.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nice things first...

I get the Mary Engelbreit newsletter. Her cute e-newsletters include free downloads, fun recipes and projects, plus great information on her special events and new products. I used to be an avid collector of most thing Mary but I've run out of room. I have most of the pieces that I want and have realized that I can't buy everything. I forgot to renew the magazine this year, but at least I still get the newsletter. Here is Mary's free background download for Valentine's Day. Her artwork is clever and cheerful. We can all use a little help getting our smile on.

Mary Engelbreit's official website.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Putting things in perspective

While the hit and run drama was unfolding at home, my eldest daughter Sophia found out that one of her classmates was going to be returning to Japan next week. She is sad that her friend is going away. Yuta (sounds like Utah) told Sophia that he and his mother want to stay but not his dad. What a hard situation to be in. Sophia wants to get him a going away present. I'm not sure what would make a nice gift for a 9 year old Japanese boy.

Hit and Run Part 2

I found out that I won't get reimbursed for the deductible. I started to have a panic attack when my insurance agent was giving me the news.  The police went to look at the car in question and couldn't find any damage. They went recently. It's been almost two weeks since it happened. So I don't know if this driver had time to get the car repaired. The good samaritan that gave me the license plate of the other car may have given me the wrong plate number. Which is scary. My brain that night thought I saw the plate starting with the letter Y. I thought the number she gave me was too good to be true. I asked her repeatedly if she was sure this was the right number.
The dark side of me started to freak out. I worried that the good samaritan was just trying to mess with someone she had a beef with. I called the gas station to find out if they had surveillance cameras. The clerk said that the police had come by to check them, but I don't know if it was in regard to my case. I have to call again when the manager is there. The paranoid side started getting scared that the police might think I filed a false report. Friends and family have since reassured me not to worry. This is such a mess. I don't know what I should do. $500 is a lot to have to shell out for something that isn't my fault. But it's all the extra drama that is freaking me out. I don't know if I should pursue this further or just let it go. I was so naive to think this guy was going to get out of his car and exchange insurance information with me. My father, brothers, and husband have all had their fair share of accidents but the other drivers never fled. Was it because I was a woman? How often does this happen?
The lesson that I learned was to find a pen and start writing a number down. Then call the police. I'll have to assume, if there is ever a next time, that the other driver is not going to do the right thing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate to Exercise!

I made myself do the treadmill today for 31 minutes/1 mile. It's not so much the activity that I loath it's just so boring. I forgot to grab my ipod so I had to do this silly workout in silence and that is bad for me. I start to think. I alway wind up thinking about things that I shouldn't.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lisa Lecture is having her 1st ever GIVEAWAY

Take a look at Lisa Lecture's blog. So delightful. I can't wait to look at all of her creations.

Hit and Run

Here I am blogging about dolls and forgot about the hit and run I was in on 12/23/2008. I guess I was blocking it out. I should have stayed home that night. I was trying to pick up a refilled prescription for my husband before Christmas. It was snowing hard and the plows hadn't been out yet. First bad decision was choosing the Prius. I got stuck in the alley because the alley hadn't been plowed. My neighbor saw that I was stuck and came to help me shovel the car out. I almost switched to the minivan but proceeded to run my errands. I was driving home when this guy started to spin out in the opposite lane and even though I tried to change lanes and slow down he still managed to hit me. I was screaming NO, NO, NO when he started to come at me. His '95 Ford Escort wagon survived. My new '08 Prius wasn't so lucky. The impact damaged the front left tire so I needed a tow. He hit me so hard that I wound up on the street. After he got control of his car he looked at me for about 30 seconds and then drove off. My iPhone had locked up. I was waiting for it to restart to call 911. In the meantime, the Escort driver just left. I didn't even have time to get his plate number. I started screaming again. I was stuck in my car and had to force the door to get out. Just then 3 different people came to my aid. The first was a man that came to check if I was ok. Next came, a woman who called 911 for me since my phone still hadn't restarted. Finally and most important was another woman who managed to get the needed plate number. The man even gave me his business card, in case I needed a witness. I was overwhelmed by their help. I started to cry when I thanked and hugged my good samaritans. I couldn't believed that people had stopped to help me after I just experienced a hit and run. I was upset about the car and the big deductable but I was glad that I was getting to go home to my family. Since the car needed to be towed, I had to get home somehow. The police officer that filled out the accident report offered to drive me home. I got to ride in the back of a police car. Now that was weird. I was anxious about my neighbors seeing me getting out of a cop car. I thought great the tongues are going to start wagging. I could just imagine the things that they would come up with. Yes, it's that kind of street. Like Wisteria Lane without the money or bling. The Prius is still in the shop and my husband is forced to drive a smokey rental for now. He's been really great about all of this. He told me that his Christmas present was that I made it home that day.

Doll Obsessions

I have an obsessive personality. This combined with a woman's inclination to shop is a lethal combination. I have collected dolls in the past, but then I get bored with it and put it to the side. That is until my interested is peaked and it starts all over again. My doll interest is bad enough. When it is combined with that of two young girls then it gets expensive.
My daughter's have crossed over to the American Girl side. I remember when they first came out. I had just started college when the catalog arrived. I learned about St. Lucia through the catalog. I was amazed that someone would walk around with candles on their head. I thought the dolls were clever and interesting but I never bought one. I was too old for dolls. Had I known how much they retain their value, I would have indulged.
For Christmas, the girls each got a used AG thanks to eBay. I can't bring myself to buy the new ones for xx amount of dolls no matter how cute they and their accessories are. I did indulge in getting several outfits for my older daughter, thanks to AG's black Friday sale. Some of the clothes were drastically reduced so it was a good value.
Through this new interest in AG, I've had to learn how to do some repair work. One of the dolls had some purple stains on it. Silly me. I thought that magic eraser would get it out. Not so. I learned about putting acne cream on the stain and putting the doll in the sunlight. It worked. How? I have no idea.
I have to learn how to restring the dolls. It is expensive if you need to get all four limbs done. May as well buy a new doll. But there are helpful people out there that offer advise on how to do many of the repairs yourself. My favorite is I appreciate the information that is provided. I have one AG I bought from eBay that I need help with. Jess arrived and smelled like smoke which the seller didn't disclose. I was able to clean the body using the techniques described on justmagicdolls. However, the doll's head still smells like smoke. This is after washing her hair and sticking the head in a box with a box of baking soda. I just can't get the smell out completely.

Here are some informative sites on American Girl dolls.