Saturday, January 24, 2009

Medication for everyone

This has been a busy week. Christopher received 5 shots on immunization day. I opted for the HepA. He also need another flu shot. Christopher went through his checkup like a champ. I was concerned that he would be in pain or get a fever, but neither happened. So the baby was fine which meant that my other 3 would trade getting sick. Sophia started with the sore throat and cough. She passed it on to Alex who continued with the cough but added throwing up first in the car ride home from Yiayia's and then in his bed. Then Alex traded the cough to Zoe and me. What fun!
I finally bit the bullet and went to see the DR. I haven't been feeling like myself for a while. I had taken Wellbutrin for anxiety for a little while last year. I thought I was doing better so I stopped taking it. I've had a few panic attacks since my hit and run. This coupled with constant fatigue signaled that it was time for a DR visit. I have some experience with depression and I was exhibiting some of the symptoms. Like many new moms I experienced postpartum depression. Sadly, I wasn't treated. I tried to explain to my OB about what I was feeling, but she said I just had the baby blues. I don't think doctors were very aware of these issues 10 years ago. So my postpartum turned into clinical depression when I finally sought help 9 months after my daughter was born. I'll save that story for another time.
I have to go back on the Wellbutrin at a higher dose. Hopefully this will help. On a good note, I've lost 7 lbs. since my last DR. visit. It's not much but at least it's a start.

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Cris said...

I came across your blog on my sister's (Tamale Cat). I read that you had some trouble with anxiety. That runs in our family, and I know it stinks! Just stick with your medication and make sure you give it a chance to work, it takes awhile. Good luck, I hope you feel yourself soon. By the way, your little guy is adorable!