Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hit and Run

Here I am blogging about dolls and forgot about the hit and run I was in on 12/23/2008. I guess I was blocking it out. I should have stayed home that night. I was trying to pick up a refilled prescription for my husband before Christmas. It was snowing hard and the plows hadn't been out yet. First bad decision was choosing the Prius. I got stuck in the alley because the alley hadn't been plowed. My neighbor saw that I was stuck and came to help me shovel the car out. I almost switched to the minivan but proceeded to run my errands. I was driving home when this guy started to spin out in the opposite lane and even though I tried to change lanes and slow down he still managed to hit me. I was screaming NO, NO, NO when he started to come at me. His '95 Ford Escort wagon survived. My new '08 Prius wasn't so lucky. The impact damaged the front left tire so I needed a tow. He hit me so hard that I wound up on the street. After he got control of his car he looked at me for about 30 seconds and then drove off. My iPhone had locked up. I was waiting for it to restart to call 911. In the meantime, the Escort driver just left. I didn't even have time to get his plate number. I started screaming again. I was stuck in my car and had to force the door to get out. Just then 3 different people came to my aid. The first was a man that came to check if I was ok. Next came, a woman who called 911 for me since my phone still hadn't restarted. Finally and most important was another woman who managed to get the needed plate number. The man even gave me his business card, in case I needed a witness. I was overwhelmed by their help. I started to cry when I thanked and hugged my good samaritans. I couldn't believed that people had stopped to help me after I just experienced a hit and run. I was upset about the car and the big deductable but I was glad that I was getting to go home to my family. Since the car needed to be towed, I had to get home somehow. The police officer that filled out the accident report offered to drive me home. I got to ride in the back of a police car. Now that was weird. I was anxious about my neighbors seeing me getting out of a cop car. I thought great the tongues are going to start wagging. I could just imagine the things that they would come up with. Yes, it's that kind of street. Like Wisteria Lane without the money or bling. The Prius is still in the shop and my husband is forced to drive a smokey rental for now. He's been really great about all of this. He told me that his Christmas present was that I made it home that day.

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