Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Does Shoveling Snow Count as Exercise?

I have been the official snow shoveler this season. David lost his wedding ring in the snow last winter. He searched in the evening's bitter cold and couldn't find it. He even bought a metal detector thinking that would work. But it didn't. He was distraught when he realized it was really lost. Dave missed the feeling of the ring on his finger. He broke down and bought a new band 2 weeks later.
I wasn't pleased. I had asked him to wait. I had the notion that the ring would be found once the snow melted. When the big thaw started, I knew it was time to find the ring. I paced up and down our front walk looking for the ring. I walked with my head bent down, straining to see the ring. I was getting discouraged at this point. As I walked to the other end of our property line, I saw this round shape in the melted snow. I have a butterfly garden on one end of our front lawn. Somehow the ring had landed in the garden. The ring was recovered and the stand-in ring was exchanged for a reward for moi.
This is one reason that I have been on snow detail. I'd rather not have a repeat of last year. The other is that I have been a work widow. Of course all that may change soon. So I have been shoveling snow this winter. I've also been shoveling my neighbor's walk when they haven't. They just had premie twins so I've been trying to help. Some of my other neighbors actually pay to have landscapers come and clean their sidewalks. I guess I'm the only crazy mom doing any shoveling on my street. Can I count this as exercise?

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