Monday, November 17, 2008

Too many dolls not enough time confessions of an Ebay addict

So I had a relapse. I was able to stay away from eBay for a year, but that is now over. I was searching for a replacement part for my steam cleaner. The tank broke and Hoover won't replace it. Not under warranty, even though I've read many customer's complaints about the same problem. I guess there will be a class action. That seems to be how that goes. I thought I could find it for less on eBay. Instead, I wound up buying other stuff. I found an Ann Estelle by Robert Tonner wearing a Betsy McCall outfit and well the price was right. Now, I'm back on the eBay habit. 
I've gone from Barbie, Ann Estelle, Betsy McCall, Terri Lee and now composition dolls. I haven't bought one yet. But looking at all the kinds on eBay has been a learning experience. I was a sculpture major of sorts at SAIC so I can't help myself when it comes to dolls. I find it interesting to see how others try to translate the human form. The restoration process is also fascinating. I've been contemplating buying one of the sad ones and trying my hand at a restoration. I'm trying to do more research by reading other doll doctor's blogs about the process. I have to find out if there is a good book on the subject or perhaps a class. Air brusing is involved and I've never done that.
On a different track, I've been looking at the vintage Masquerade outfits for Barbie and her friends. I would like to get them. I remember having a Barbie Masquerade coloring book as a child. Coincidently, a friend gave me one as a birthday gift over a decade ago. I'm not sure where it is. I packed up most of my Barbie things when we moved to the 'burbs and I never unpacked them. It's a waste not to enjoy them, but they are safely removed from little fingers. One of my vintage Ken's lost his head thanks to a naughty wee one. I still haven't found it.

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