Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shopping at Von Maur

I have found my new favorite store. I needed a dress for a family wedding and friends recommended that I try Von Maur. I found some dresses that I liked and they were on sale. There was a black chiffon dress (screamed Hollywood Glamor) that I really liked but they didn’t have it in my size. Most stores would be oh well, too bad. Not Von Maur. The excellent salesperson told me she could call some local stores to see it they had it. Success! The dress was found and shipped to me free! I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived in perfect condition on Tuesday. But my story doesn’t end there.
I asked my husband to help me pick the best dress for the wedding. When I tried on the dresses, I could tell that they were just a little too big. Well all I had to do was call Von Maur. They had one dress in stock and they found the other in Ohio. I went to try on the smaller size and it fit. While there I found 2 more dress in my size and on sale. The lowest one was prices at $39. They also have an interest free credit card. Can you believe it? I just wish I had time to shop for shoes.
Von Maur called today to say the dress from Ohio had arrived. Yeah, I get to go back. The drive is absurd. It took about an hour during rush hour, but it was an easy drive. I should have had it send to the closest Von Maur, but I wanted to see St. Charles. The St. Charles, IL store was nice and the staff is so friendly. I wish I lived closer.

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